Monday, 11 October 2010

Umbro Sports Technology

So...I am officially a student once more and diving into a project with Umbro.  I am going to investigate many different things from trend and design inspiration to market research and the use of digital media within business.  For my first task I need your help...

I am going to investigate the use of technology and design within other sports and see why/how the professionals within them are picking certain brands/materials/fit/colour and how it enhances their ability.  The concept being that all sports are linked more than we realise and that brands focusing on a particular sport can learn from one another.

I think it's a really interesting starting point and so I am on the lookout to speak to competitive/professional players that know their sport and how to enhance themselves inside out.  Know anyone?  Jockey/snooker player/F1 driver?  The more obscure the better really.  Come on now, share and share alike.  Only you aren't sharing with're sharing with me.  I'll keep your secrets if you want me to!  After all, I am only a lowly student not an Umbro employee.  Who knows maybe your help will allow England to finally get somewhere at the next world cup without showing us up!

Off to Umbro HQ in Manchester city centre on Friday morning.  What's the likelihood I'll make a fool of myself?  After all I know NOTHING about football.  (Proper football American readers...not your twisted version of rugby :p )  I'm really excited to work with them, there's so much more to them than football that people don't even realise and the employees I've met so far have been amazing and so knowledgeable.  Check out their blog to see what they've been up to.


  1. if theres a chance to bag any freebeeies i'm a massive fan of their retro 80s style trainning wear....

  2. Oh wait- you mean that weird game where they run around the field for hours then go home? Tie game?


    There's a lot of research into athletic performance and apparel. In fact I just red [sic] something recently that talked about how colors affected performance.

    Red was the best.