Friday, 17 December 2010

Mien Clothing

I love to stumble across new and unique brands...and it's even better when someone I know has started it.  Sarah Morton started Mien with her boyfriend Tom during the summer as a mini project.  Tom's graphic design makes for some quirky illustrations, whilst Sarah creates bold prints and photography orientated t-shirts.

Sarah's Godzilla and Tree Designs

Tom's Peekaboo and Zulu Designs

Each of their t-shirts is screen printed by hand and would make fantastic gifts.  They are currently hoping to rebrand so all Mien branded t-shirts are on sale from as little as £5...hand designed and hand printed for a fiver is a bargain I think, especially when you won't be seeing anyone else walking down the street wearing one. They're in the process of creating a website but currently sell via Facebook and sporadically eBay.  Simply email them on to say hello or to order.


  1. I like the Godzilla one. I fantasize about crushing entire cities. Sort of.

  2. they are really great designs, love these t-shirts!

    'for all your latest fashion updates!'

  3. What a great idea and love that they are unique xoxo