Friday, 3 December 2010

Troy Davis: Making the Invisible Visible

"Troy Davis has spent 19 years on death row in the USA despite doubts about his conviction. German street art collective Mentalgassi have teamed up with Amnesty International to highlight his case by creating unique lenticular fence posters across London."  The three posters are located at 4-7 Great Pulteney St, 21 Great Pulteney Street, and 5 Berners St (all W1).

This clever use of lenticular design creates a great illusion that could be adapted to many different situations.  The fact it highlights such a serious issue only adds depth to the project as the last time I saw lenticular used was on Thunderbird stamps, which are solely novelty with no real meaning behind them.  It is a great apparition, using the lenticular concept in a creative way that is sure to grab attention.

Troy Davis: Making the invisible visible from Amnesty International on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi laura,
    Thanks for picking up on our project last year. we've just launched this year's street art campaign for Amnesty...have a look at

    Kirsten :)