Friday, 14 January 2011

Blog Reading List

Ok so this is maybe a bit of a cop out post, after all I'm directing you to other blogs which is probably not what I should even be doing, but over the last 6 months I have discovered some gems. Some have hundreds of fans some but a few and I think we should share the give them a go if they're your thing and if you like it make sure to leave a comment to give them a nice little boost. Everyone likes to know their writing is less interesting than the newspaper your fish and chips are wrapped in. (Please note if your chippy still puts your fish in newspaper now might be the time to find a new one.) Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest some blogs that you love.

The Blog Experiment:
Caleb Shreves writes some hilariously random stories as well as imaginary fun stuff are sure to keep you going on a regular basis.

Obnoxious Owl:
Warning: Owl is crude, blunt and often illustrates her posts with pornography. If this isn't your thing (or you are under age) please don't look. However, if a bit of crudeness is right up your street check her out. Her advice posts, particularly to men, are what almost every other women thinks but doesn't say.

Hyperbole and a Half:
This is a much loved blog and I'm sure you'll see why. Brilliantly funny anecdotes are paired with fantastically naive illustrations.

Ms. Fitz:
I discovered Ms. Fitz through a very tedious link. Her mother is my step father's step sister (I think that's right...). Needless to say this isn't what kept me interested (she doesn't even know the tedious link) what did is that she is fantastic. Check out some of the shoots she has styled and the accessories she has created. Brilliantly innovative. Oh, and if you like Obnoxious Owl this is the lady you need to thank as she introduced me to that blog. Thanks Ms. Fitz.

Plenty More Fish Out of Water:
Fishy is taking a break at the moment to write a book, which will be fantastically amusing if his blog is anything to go by, but read through his archives. His dating stories are fantastic. If you want something updated a bit more regularly try Tales From the Morning After, which is also great.

The Art of Being Perfect:
I cannot bake to save my life but this blog makes me wish I could. The pictures have me drooling and all I want to do is try the recipes. Sadly I don't even own flour. Maybe one of you can make the most of this blog. Particularly if you live in Brighton as the blogger runs her own cupcake company called Buttercream Bakery.


  1. Very kind of you. And I see I'm in good company. Keep up the good work yourself.

  2. Thanks so much for putting me on your list, I'm working on a no bake, no equipment, no flour recipe for you. Possibly one that fits into a single tweet. x