Thursday, 20 January 2011

Missing Garden

Dominik Smialowski's photography merges with Monika Prus' drawings to create the project 'Missing Garden' that utilises childlike chalkboard drawings to show allegories of childhood.

Smialowski says: "This work is a reflection of nostalgia for childhood, sentiment for light-hearted, idyllic kids life,  sorrow for something that maybe gone irretrievably.  It's also a modest rebellion against adults life and small glorification of being child."

They effectively remind me of aspects from my own childhood, particularly those below, whilst the contrast of the naive, carefree illustrations with the serious adults photographs reminds me that I will never again experience these things in the same way that a child can - with no worry or responsibility.


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    <3 Kelly

  2. First one's the best.

    I think if I did a project like that, my mind would probably go in a different direction...

  3. These pictures are amazing! Love them so much.

    Great blog, I'm a fan :)