Monday, 7 February 2011

The Force

My brother has become a bit obsessed with Star Wars. Personally, I thought it was a bit early for such an obsession seeing as he's only four but then I was reminded that at that age my favourite films were Grease (1 and appears I had no taste) and Dirty Dancing.

He has taken to watching the films over and over whilst simultaneously playing the game on the X-Box. This multitasking is something he struggles with and usually results in us doing one or the other and encouraging him to let us turn off the film so we can at least watch something else. This never works, in fact what actually happens is we have the game, the film and a battle with his toy lightsabers all at once. Turns out I'm pretty good with a lightsaber and I refuse to let him win (I figure he needs to learn how to be a good loser) and so he just changes the rules constantly...

Me: "I hit you. That means you're dead."
Caleb: "No you have to hit me three times."
Me (whilst prodding him): "One, two, three. I win."
Caleb: "Noooo I said five times."

...Isn't it convenient that when he hits me once though that I am then dead and expected to enact rather dramatic death scene. This happens so often that the batteries have in fact run out and now the lightsabers make no noise. I think my mom was happy about this but it means now we have to make the sounds ourselves.

Anyway, you can imagine how funny I found it when I saw the recent Volkswagen advert entitled The Force. I'm not sure if Caleb has seen it yet but I am expecting a reenactment of this advert at home very soon. In fact I'm sure a Darth Vader outfit will be requested... or Luke Skywalker if he has finally made the decision to be a goody rather than swapping sides.

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  1. Caleb HAS seen it!

    Weird... I'm a Caleb and that conversation is exactly like one I would have myself.

    And I'm 27.