Friday, 18 February 2011

The Return of Colour

I went out for a friends birthday the other day and her lovely sister decided to compliment me on my pale skin tone. "You're ever so white aren't you, it's wonderful, it goes so well with your red hair. It suits you so much better than blonde. My friend likes to white up and make the best of her pale skin, she has all the make up for it you should speak to her later because you could do that too!" Bless her, she was being genuine.

See what I mean about ghostly? I'm just grateful this was taken with a terrible camera phone. 
My hair doesn't even look red on this photo so I can only hope that in real life I don't glow this much.

I have a bit of an issue with my skin tone pure and simply because I look a bit dead at times. I get stressed out very easily and this stress results in a wonderful array of dark tones beneath my eyes that just will not be covered. Needless to say I feel more ghostly than wonderfully pale. Thankfully, Twilight has meant the fact I look like a Cullen (I've been told I could pass for a vampire...charming I know) actually mildly acceptable.

Thank goodness that spring is coming though! I cannot wait to add a bit of shimmer, get out in the sun so I look like a normal human being in winter and throw on some bright colours. Yes, the return of colour this spring will be paired with the return of colour to my skin (I hope). Blue, tangerine or neon brights, they've filtered down from the catwalk and now the high street has some great options...


  1. So funny, I have the opposite problem, I'm totally English but no one ever believes me because I'm so dark. People have even argued with me about it! I love pale skin as I'm a massive Dita fan but I could never get that look, so I say your lucky. X

  2. hey! in reply to your comment no you cant get Kat's makeup over here yet try ebay though :) xx

  3. Yes, yes, and yes.

    I, too, am a pasty-skinned ghoul. It can look really good on chicks though- especially with starkly contrasting hair.

    I also have circles under my eyes. Maybe we're related?

  4. Astral, I have kind of got used to it. It's a running just between me and my friends that I'm almost translucent but the picture of me in this post really made me doubt that it was in fact a joke.

    SJ, I will indeed to be checking that out on ebay. Let me know any particular ones I should search for.

    Caleb, do you have any British ancestors? There's a distinct possibility if you do. I'm trying to rock that pale and quirky look. The red hair definitely helps. I've been compared to Florence Welch since. I look nothing like her but her look works so I can live with that. The black dress I wore that night though was maybe too stark a contrast.