Monday, 14 November 2011

Nifty Notepads

I have a love of all things digital, my iPad fuels my laziness and it now hurts when I have to write with pen and paper for too long. Despite all this I still love paper. Stationery is one of the only things I actually enjoy shopping for.

Cue these nifty notepads available at Liberty. Not only are they stylish (with a rather retro feel) but they're perfectly designed to pass around the classroom (or the office). There's nothing like a paper aeroplane to tell someone to please stop throwing virtual sheep at you.


  1. He he I love the social media citation ones! These would be perfect for work secret santa! x

  2. Lol.. the apology one is funny. Love the fashion one too.. Did you dress in the dark? Hilarious

  3. I know I think they're great. Especially for stocking fillers. If you don't like the person you're doing secret santa for you could definitely tick whichever applies to them and just forget to put your name on the present tag. Don't tell me it was my idea though :p