Friday, 27 January 2012

Valentines Gift Guide

As you can imagine I have had an extremely busy what with starting at Video to Viral last Monday. In addition, right before and during my first week I was working on features for both Area and FAKE magazine. It's always good to see the fruits of your labour though and now the February issue of Area is out! You can pick it up around Birmingham or view online here. My Valentines Gift Guide is on p.34 - 41.


  1. aaah! How amazing! Congrats!! :)) xx

  2. How amazing to have work published! Good for you hun! xxx

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  3. That is so amazing! Love your gift guide too, has made me want to buy myself a valentines gift now! xx

  4. Congratulations...what an achievement! Loved your gift guide! Hope placement is going well!:)

    Sophie x x

  5. Great gift guide! I love the heart measuring spoons :) x