Sunday, 15 January 2012

Napping, Cluedo and the Wrong Number

As I know I will be spending most of my time in front of a Mac when I start work tomorrow I have been really trying to stay off my computer until then. (Needless to say this post is a bit of a mess of things - apologies!) I have devoured all but one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that I got for Christmas (the last is nearly finished too), ate a LOT of Quality Streets (all but the fruity ones) and spent this weekend with my boyfriend.

We seem to have spent most of it napping or "resting our eyes"; I dread to think what I'll be like next week after my first full week back at work in over a year. On Saturday that was very useful as he had made me spend what felt like hours in Boardwise trying to select a pair of snowboarding trousers and I was exhausted. Of course, he brought the ones I had suggested about 10 minutes in.

We did go to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... nobody told me it was a who-dunnit, it reminded of a big game of Cluedo. Maybe that's because last Sunday I played a lot of Cluedo with my sisters, tipsy mother (who had only two small glasses of red wine) and one of her dogs. Oscar just couldn't help but poke his nose in...

Oscar aka Elvis (because of the quiff when his fur is long) or Fat Boy (because he used to be fat)

My boyfriend and I are not the perfect couple, nobody can be perfect, but in the six years that we have been on and off as much as a yoyo has been up and down we have always known how we both felt. We met at a party and spent the whole night talking and laughing. He became my friend first (as he had a girlfriend - and then I had a boyfriend) and so there were no fake phone numbers or avoidance tactics. I still haven't forgotten what it's like to be single, which is why I was amused to receive this text today:

I have done this before. Not text a false number but given one. In clubs when I was younger (I started going to clubs from the age of 15) I would often give a guy the wrong number to get rid of them. I just found it easier, I wasn't confident enough to really deal with the situation. Now, I would just be honest and getting this text made me feel bad for Talha as much as it made made me smile. He was trying here, this polite text came after a missed call and so I felt it was fair to reply so that he doesn't try again.

When I used to mix up the last few digits of my number I didn't think about some stranger receiving a text or call intended for me or about how that guy would feel when he realised. Would he have accept she just wasn't into him or try to make excuses? I'm really quite grateful this is such a tame message. If they had spent the night together who knows what kind of dirty texts I could have received today?!


  1. I never ever received a drunken text in my life. Never.
    And I started clubbing at the age of 14 (although I stopped when I was 18/19 as I was never invited out... But on my office course as it was a mature class we just went out for meals anyway!!!)

    Good luck with your new job!!

  2. Great blog, I enjoyed this post.

  3. I would feel SO bad receiving a text like that - how awkward!
    The stackhoyse books are so addictive! If you're looking for a fix after you've finished, Charlaine Harris has written several short Sookie stories that are compiled into one book - A Touch of Dead. And the tv series is very good, despite not really following the books. Xo

  4. love cluedo!!!

    the second story is hilarious!! It reminds me once that a boy who always me and my friend are picking on him, truth is that we make him to think that we are sooo in love with him, and he really believes that's true.. u know. Someday, he asked mine or my friend number, i don't remember exactly, and we gave him a number of a boy who I CAN'T STAND!!! The point is that we asked him to send "us" hot messages and... i never knew what happened! hahahaha


  5. So sweet! I need to see girl with the dragon tattoo, i've heard so many good things. x hivennn

  6. I read the book of the girl with the dragon tattoo and loved it, I really want to watch the film, and that dog is so cute ^ - ^

  7. Aw poor Talha!! :( I have read the first three Sookie books and sold them so I could buy the set of them all but have never got round to actually buying them.Obsessed with the show though! xxx