Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pantone Hotel, Brussels

Anyone that does anything with design will know the importance of Pantone references. When I came home from doing my Masters with a red Pantone mug as a leaving gift from my lovely friend Ashleigh my dad was so confused about why I was so pleased with my present. Now our house is full of knock off "Colour" mugs from B&M Bargains. He still doesn't quite get it.

When my boyfriend and I got cheap flights to Brussels there was only one place I wanted to stay - Pantone Hotel. When I realised it was within budget I let out a girly scream (very unlike me) and rang him straight away to say that's where we were staying. Thankfully, he didn't question it.


It says on their website that "guests enjoy state-of-the-art accommodation distinctively chosen at reception to compliment their mood" and so all the way there I was debating which colour we should choose. This was a complete waste of time because whilst the staff were wonderful (and spent hours on the phone trying to track down my lost (stolen) iPhone they chose for us. I like to think that's because we arrived at midnight not because they couldn't be bothered to go through the choosing process. Either way, we were to be in an orange room.

Extreme colour coordination, red and yellow toilet paper (I'm hopeful that they also have a blue roll so each room can have the corresponding primary colours), a gorgeous big window and super cute brightly coloured toiletries in the room were a nice touch without being too bold you couldn't relax.

It was all about colour and style and unsurprisingly I loved the reception area full of Pantone goodies and designer furniture. Really, if you're a little bit design mad like me you have to stay at Pantone Hotel and enjoy the fact the back wall of the lift is glass revealing polka dots of colour that change in accordance to the 'colour' of the floor you're passing through. The novelty factor even made up for my boyfriend saying: "Oh look, you can buy Pantone iPhone cases... well, you can't, your iPhone was stolen."


  1. Oh wow! I didn't know such a place existed! Glad you had a lovely time.
    I have a bichon already, I don't know why I thought it'd be a good idea to buy him a little pal because he's 6 and untrained! Pleased to hear your aunty's one is naughty too, good to know I'm not alone haha xxx

    1. It does and it is lovely. Haha, you're definitely not alone! They are so hard to train... very cute though!

  2. Ohhh how I love this post,honey!;)

  3. I love the colors! It looks like such a beautiful place.
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  4. I really enjoyed this post:) My mum is always equally confused about those mugs too, haha. The hotel looks amazing!

    Sophie x

  5. That looks like a fairly nice place to stay. Your boyfriend should get you a new iPhone though after that comment. :P

    1. I really wish I had thought of that at the time... :P

  6. Love the concept of choosing the colour of your room! It looks like a fun place to stay :)

    Caroline x
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  7. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  8. wow! love it! so original!
    kisses dear!
    your blog is amazing!!! love it so much!