Monday, 12 April 2010

Election Overload

We all knew it was coming but now we've finally had the a-ok on the general election for May.  As a first time voter I definitely plan on voting so I have several things I need to do:

1. Double check I'm registered.
2. Read the manifesto's and other rubbish they say to convince us.
3. Decide who to vote for.
4. Vote

However, after deciding I want to vote I'm not getting very annoyed with politics as a whole.  I don't really believe any of the partys will fix things because at the minute the UK is in too much of a mess to be honest.  I cannot moan whilst I don't vote though.  Really, I would love an unbiased idiots guide.  "This is what they say they'll do, this is what they'll probably do."  Someone should make this.  In a week please so I can peruse it in leisure.

Nice to see that advertising is jumping on the bandwagon and fuelling my annoying with politics in the media.  I say this whilst watching a 30 minute show on David Cameron on ITV...apparently it's 1/3 and they're going to cover all the main leaders.  May be useful, suppose it's nice to like the PM though it doesn't mean they'll be good at it.)  From E4 to Marmite they're jumping on the 'party political broadcasts.  BORED!!

Definitely prefer E4 though...they are at least honest.  I'd vote for them.  I would love for every first time voter (and the older generations) to scrub out all the party options, write E4, draw a box and tick it.  That'd make a mockery of the politics like they have made a mockery of us.

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