Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I love Glamour magazine, always have, so last week I decided to follow Jo Elvin on Twitter.  Last night she went for dinner with Chace Crawford who I am pretty much in love with.  In fact the other day I told the closest thing I've had to a boyfriend in as-long-as-I've-been-an-adult that I want to marry him.  Him being Chace Crawford.  He, being my friend, laughed and said he was sure that it was only distance and the fact we'd never met that prevented us from getting engaged.  I'm sure that's true.

 What made me really smile was when i congratulated Jo Elvin on having such a splending job and being able to have dinner with him she actually Tweeted back!  "Hey, I'm not so bad to have dinner with either, you know! x"  I tried to tell her she was the opposite, in fact, probably a better dinner guest because I could speak to her without my knees collapsing from underneath me.  Now, I'm far from the only one she's replied to...and isn't that lovely?

Watching her Twitter updates I have pined more and more for a job in the magazine job.  That job actually would be amazing.  What's great about Glamour is the fact that not only does it give you the best of high fashion but also affordable fashion, gossip and interesting features.  As much as I hold Vogue dear to me, having collected them for years, Glamour is my secret addiction.  The one I actually go to the shop to buy.

Lately I've really got into the Glamour website, with the snippet sized info.  I absolutely love their "Cheap High Street Spring Outfits" article....9 amazing outfits for under £100 each.  I could really see me in the first one, complete with lace gloves (ASOS, £4) and wicker bag (Topshop, £30).  In fact, I almost brought both the other day.  Maybe it's time to give in.

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