Friday, 2 April 2010

Topshop Teen

Today my dad made me go and buy a lottery ticket.  He had a feeling I'd win on the Euro Millions and for that I had to go in the shop and purchase the ticket.  The man in the corner shop actually asked how old I was.  I laughed and told him 22, of course.  He was flabbergasted, so flabbergasted he didn't ask for proof just put the ticket through the machine astoundingly rambling "you look 16, 17 at most."

Ahhh to be 17 again.  In memory of that young age of innocence and to celebrate Topshop's NY stores first anniversary today (they celebrated with free tea and cake...what else for an English brand?) here's my perfect school girl outfit, made entirely of Topshop items.


  1. I love it that a moment with you Dad and buying a lottery ticket were your fashion inspiration!

  2. Hmmm it is a slightly random source of inspiration. That moment with my Dad paid off though. I won £5.30 on the Euro Millions...not exactly a big pay out when the ticket was £2 but still...