Tuesday, 15 September 2009

100% eco-friendly, 100% Mini...

Whilst on the GQ website the other day I saw an BMQ advertisement calling for field testers for the new Mini E and I got all excited.  Considering I don't live in the London area and I don't have a driving license I'm not sure why.  I think it's because despite the fact they say it's an experiment I don't believe it'll stay that way...as long as they can get the price right.  This is the first practical, entirely electric, zero emissions car.  This has got to be a good development.  I mean think about it...no paying for petrol!  What more of an incentive could you want?

 The Mini E and its entirely electric engine:

There are some issues...a lack of backseats and the fact they'll only manage 100-120 miles per full charge...though this won't be a problem for commuters.  There's also the fact there'll only be 40 in the UK for testing...It's pretty amazing though that they've designed an eco-friendly car that's still 100% Mini.  In other words great fun to drive.  (Yes...despite not having passed my driving test I have driven a Mini!)  I'd get applying soon if you fit the criteria.  Check out details on the Mini E Field Test website.

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