Thursday, 24 September 2009

Working Girl

Today was my first day in a new job.  I am general dogsbody for Design by Janine, a dance specialist, for whom I will be doing all sorts of jobs to make sure the handmade one-offs are completed and reach the clients.  I like to think of myself as a 'designer's assistant'.

This is not exactly what I trained to do at university but the more I think about it the more grateful I am to have a job at all.  After all, I know Janine and so was offered the job without application or interview...I have previously done work experience there though and so I have already proven myself.  Yet, whilst I got work so easily, thousands of people across the country are struggling.

The thing is I was one of those people, and in terms of the job I wanted out of university still am, and it pains me to hear of thousands of people applying for mediocre jobs at McDonald's or to be Christmas staff at department stores.  Whilst people seem to think further education is the answer I don't believe it is.  This problem is not going to be solved in the year that you do a masters...or maybe even the three in which you do a degree.  I say this because a tiny percentage of graduates I know have a job doing what they dreamed of before university.

Working is not easy lately...even if you want to.  At the Job Centre about a month ago though I did hear one man say "dude I'm just gonna go chill out and have a joint" so at least not everyone that's unemployed is competition. So good luck to anyone out there searching...hope you wish me luck too.  Not only in my current job but in finding the job of my dreams.  Let's be honest, if you lose track of those dreams what do you have left?  Though in the meantime I'm part of making some very beautiful things...

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