Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Miss Led brings street art to fashion

Miss Led has been dubbed "the first lady of Street Art" as the only woman ever to win the urban street art competition 'Secret Wars'.  This lovely madame graced the Red Bull Fashion Factory with her presence during London Fashion Week's 25th anniversary, giving guests an insight into her work and how she goes about it.

She grabbed my attention in particular, whilst other illustrators in the room sketched out exactly where they wanted things and went about painting bit by bit Miss Led's work developed, from one long sweep of grey to the hair of two people (we thought it was one) and then into an entire picture.  Both funky and elegant the image matched Miss Led herself, who looked quirky and beautiful each day...though I'm not quite sure how she risked getting paint on such lovely clothes, I would have been covered!

Her work has a fairytale, whimsical feel to it.  Delicate wth an eccentric element it is far from the graffiti that many people envisage when thinking of street art.  Sublime.  My friend and I were interested to see the art work flow over onto her body with a curving peacock feather on her shoulder blade...very similar to the one my friend has curling round the inside of her knee.  Check out Derek Bremner's pictures of her at work at the Fashion Factory (which is the source of the image used in this post!), Miss Led's website or her flickr page.

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