Friday, 25 September 2009

Philip Preiswerk: Fantastic Flamboyance

Following his graduation from Central Saint Martins I have read about Philip Preiswerk...his sculptural dresses have recieved rave reviews.  However, the pictures apparently don't do justice to the real thing.  I saw his work at the Red Bull Fashion Factory's graduate show and was blown away.  By one dress in particular...a high shine asymmetrical black pleated fantasy dress.

When I returned from London Fashion Week I was asked if all of the clothes were completely for show and unwearable.  Whilst I answered no, not all, some of these are.  However, like pieces of art they are things of beauty to be appreciated...if for their skill and impact alone.  I would love to see this translate into more wearable pieces...a mini dress with distinct moulding across the shoulders or a bandeau dress holding an unusual shape with clever wiring?  I'll be looking out for him...I'm sure this won't be his last collection and I can't wait to see the next.  I did attempt to take pictures for you but was blown away and so paid no attention and they aren't that good but I've sourced some for you...

Images taken by Chris Moore as seen on from a previous show

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