Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sod's Law

Inevitably, for me anyway, Sod's Law doesn't only mean if something can go wrong it will.  It means everything will go wrong, usually on one day to cause extreme inconvenience.  That day was Sunday.

I journeyed to London to attend the Red Bull Fashion Factory as a guest to "The Hub", a place for 75 creatives to get exclusive glimpses at the new trends, participate in Q&A sessions with important people, draw, paint and generally hang out.  It didn't really go this way on Sunday.  Not much was going on apart from people filming us and taking photographs.  Needless to say, my friend and I felt rather on show.  So we left.

Following this some other things happened, including a perplexing trip to the Natural History Museum...I was naive and expected actual skeletons rather than "casts"...and I tripped over almost everything including perfectly flat surfaces.

On the tube from London Bridge to Oxford Circus, heading for a burger and a shake at the Diner off Carnaby Street, we discussed Sod's Law in reference to seeing people you don't want to see.  We noted that whilst London is a big place you have a tendancy to bump into people you know...only when you don't want to see them. After walking in the wrong direction for a while we  arrive at the Diner an hour later than expected...and see someone I know.  A boy I find rather attractive...but that has a girlfriend.  I was also a feeling a mess.  Typical.  I grumbled as he disappeared to the toilet and then he left, not noticing me even once.

I couldn't believe I had experienced the quintessential Sod's Law moment within an hour of discussing how it exactly works.  I was baffled.  Then I broke a lamp.  Simply snuffed out the light by catching it with a ketchup bottle.  I broke into hysterical laughter and suddenly everything we had experienced throughout the day seemed like one big story to tell.  A story that is way too long for a mere blog post.  Though I can share my friend Katie's disasterous attempt at eating a rather large burger, which actually played part in the odd day that we had...

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