Monday, 14 September 2009

Boots: Pretty Woman vs Pretty in Punk

As the end of summer draws ever nearer every woman begins to invest in a winter wardrobe.  In my case this inevitably means a new pair of boots called Asteria from Topshop.  I can't exactly afford designer boots at present but I fell in love with these high street beauties and that was that.  Until my Gran, over a cup of tea, quired: "Have you worn your new boots yet?"

I assured her that I had and she responded: "Oh right, it's only you know everyones wearing those thigh high boots now are you sure you made the right choice?"  Well, when your Gran in her 80's questions your fashion choice it's an odd experience, it doesn't matter that she keeps up with fashion trends.  You see this is due to the latest photograph of Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week.  Vogue has highlighted this rather risque trend but I can't help but notice a big contrast between this and the "tomboy" look.  If even Vogue can't make a choice between those seemingly Pretty Woman inspired numbers and biker boots with studs how are we supposed to?

The celebs are in the same predicament, so I suggest merely going with whichever you feel most comfortable in.  I may bridge over to the sexier side and purchase some over the knee riding boots, but it's doubtful you'll catch me in a skin tight heeled version.  As much as I love fashion I refuse to be dictated to....especially when I can't help but love my highstreet ankle skimmers.

 Victoria Beckham and Shakira slip into thigh highs at New York Fashion Week and the MTV Awards this week:

Whitney Port and Amber Valletta go for the less is more approach at the MTV Awards and the Kids Choice Awards last weekend:

All images taken from Grazia Online

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