Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Burberry Live

Burberry streamed their latest catwalk live.  In 3D.  And I bloody missed it.  And now apparently I should "return later" if it want to see it post-scheduled time.  My wings feel truely clipped.  I should have staged a walkout and abandoned work in favour of fashion.  One day my job will be fashion and I will be required at catwalk shows.

For now I make do with The Telegraph's teeny tiny video montage...

...it is entirely not the same as a full length 3D feed but hey...for now this will have to do!

Very military in dark khaki's I was pleased to see a splash of rich tones from raspberry to royal blue.  What excites me most though is the contrast between heavy black buckled boots and leather jackets with delicate white fur.

A trip to Burberry HQ has solidified my desire to own a Burberry coat.  This just makes me wish it could be sooner rather than later.

I'll let you know when the full video is up...come on Fred, get on it!  In case you want to check up on it yourself visit the Burberry Live website.

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