Saturday, 13 February 2010

Be my Valentine

My friend hates Valentines Day.  Always has.  One problem this year...after crossing off Valentines day as soon as the diary was purchased she now has to celebrate it.  Slightly difficult when all you've done for years is literally wiped it from the calendar as a none day.

This day Valentines is on a Sunday and for my perfect day here is what I would like:
1. Some sembelance of warm.  By no means must it rain/snow/hail or be windy.
2. A quaint walk through the countryside.
3. A surprise picnic...complete with wicker basket, champagne, strawberries and blanket.  This blanket can then be wrapped around me when I get very cold in...
4...This outfit...


That, my friend, is how to celebrate Valentines Day.  Well, apart from the outfit, it's not really very you is it?  Just in case her boyfriend ever ends up reading this, dig out the wicker basket.  She likes the countryside.  Opt for a listed estate so you can head indoors, visit an art gallery and cuddle around hot chocolate if the cold air is too much...because let's be honest, in February my perfect day is pretty much entirely impractical.

ps...I forgot to mention that the Marabou feather bag is from Oasis and in my haste to delete the image I now can't change it.  Oops.  It is beautiful and will fit across the body...big enough to squidge in some high heels to transfer to night time! Perfect for adding a bit of fun and texture...but you already know I love feathers.

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