Thursday, 25 February 2010

A collective (slightly orgasmic) sigh for Johnny Depp

Today, whilst I was at work, Fearne Cotton (who I hate by the way...but not for this) played an interview she did with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  At the mere mention of Johnny Depp 95% of the staff (as all but 2/3 are female) turned and stared at the radio as if he was about to climb out of the speakers in some extreme miracle.

He didn't but he may as well of done.  The radio was turned up, his voice was all sexy and as one collective group we all let out this sigh of yearning.  I have never seen this in such hoards.  It was more than slightly inappropriate.  In fact my boss said: "If you're that desperate go and sit by the radio that way we can turn in down."  Needless to say nobody did...not really good to show your boss you care more about a five minute Johnny Depp interview than work.

Though Fearne Cotton's questions aren't very interesting Burton and Depp's answers make the most of them.  Think spanking with coat hangers.  Listen to it on BBC iPlayer...about 1 hour 6 mins through Fearne's show..  If it wasn't for the amazingly sexy tones of Johnny Depp's voice and the genius of Tim Burton I would have switched off entirely.  As it is though, because of trailers, snippets he said and various television interviews and I dying to see Alice in Wonderland.  After Depp's performance in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I can't think of anyone more suited to the job of Mad Hatter.

The interview video is lovely for the eyes but I actually prefer pure sound I think.  It allows the power of his voice to take full effect without distractions.

On March 9th it's my birthday.  Celebrations are to last a April I have tickets to Wicked (thanks you lots)...and on the day I want to go see Alice in Wonderland.  Who's with me?  I promise no more orgasmic sighs, as the Mad Hatter I really doubt that'll be an issue though.  Amazing...but not sexy.

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