Thursday, 18 February 2010

Philip Lim: Androgyny at NYFW

More and more lately I have been pining at menswear.  Not because of the models (well...most the time) but because of the beautiful clothing.  Today it was Philip Lim who grabbed my attention.  Anyone who knows me will know that my curves prevent true androgynous style but I have been throwing on mens shirts, quirky t-shirts, show boots with toe caps and baggy jeans more and more of late.  To complete the look is usually an oversized cardigan because it's freezing.

I was beginning to think that I should go back to a more feminine everyday look and then I saw the photograph's from Philip Lim's A/W 2010/11 menswear catwalk.  The androgyny I saw with the fitted boots, cardigans belted at the waist, longer length gloves and patent leathers made me swoon.  There are not many many that could pull of this look but I am absolutely in love with it.

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