Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Deanne Berry must die

There are many reasons I am beginning to dislike Deanne Berry.  She wears too much lycra...often looking like a Fame reject, says "push" like she's in a porno, she tries to get me to "dance" to Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes (which I HATE) and is probably the source of every boys wet dream...even though they won't admit it.  She is, after all, that hot blonde from the Call on Me video.

What I dislike most is that, whilst trying to make me fit, she makes me feel unfit.  I have been trying for the last weeks to workout at least twice a week.  Which means I only workout twice a week as the other days I don't feel guilty because I've done my quota for the week.  I tried to replace her exercise videos with some left at my house...Davina McCall and Charlie Brooks but Deanne give me the best aerobic workout.  I hate her for it.

I'm just not made for exercise.  That's all there is too it.  Maybe I should just give up and diet.  Put the cake down and walk away.

Yeah...that's silly talk.

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