Monday, 23 November 2009

Denise Boomkens: Escape to a cartoon world

In an effort to escape the gloom of winter I turned to photography and in doing so Denise Boomkens managed to make me smile.

I first encountered her 'Donald' work, where Donald Duck participates in a 1950's beach spread.  Based in Amsterdam Boomkens focuses entirely on fashion and beauty photography, all of which seems to have a comical aspect to it.  And by comical I don't mean humorous, although it is light hearted most of the time, I mean it uses/takes inspiration from cartoons/cartool style art.  Pop art for instance.

The bold, bright styling and use of colour and location couldn't fail to make me smile.  Until I looked out of the window at the blackness that has completely taken over.  She's had clients from many different magazines so clearly I'm not the only one she pleases.

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