Wednesday, 11 November 2009

L Filipe dos Santos: See. Saw

Portugease native L Filipe dos Santos (aka Corcoise), now based in Madrid, has captured my imagination...his sketches build on ink/paint spreads that every nursery gets children doing.  Drop the paint/ink on one side of the paper, fold it over and voila...a butterfly!

Or not.  His See. Saw portfolio shows another way of seeing things.  Look at the original splodges (for lack fo a better term) and what do you see?  Now look at what he sees....illustrated with the sketches he's built on top.  There's one in particular where I definitely see some form of monster/animal but no...there are some people.

Fascinating....see for yourself on his portfolio page.  I must say my favourites are the ones where the originals take up more of the page...where Corcoise builds on very little shapes and colour the sketches the amazement is not quite so great, though the resulting sketches are still wonderful.  What I love is the way he sees order in chaotic colours.

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