Friday, 13 November 2009

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder...

Absence does not make the heart grow fact I'm pretty convinced it just pisses it off.  The concept sounds all romantic and lovely but actually for any relationship...apart maybe from your's just inpractical.

During the summer my friends and I were discussing one particular rather disasterous 21st (not mine) and decided to redo it.  I suggested us all redoing our 21st's and disregarding the fact we will actually be turning 22 in this next academic year.  My theory behind this was that everyone had problems regarding time/money/distance that prevented proper celebrations. 

I was shunned by one particular friend who said "well you didn't bother coming home for anyones 21st.  Considering I worked 24/7 (it paid off I got a first!) and had no money really I think this is a ridiculous thing to be annoyed by.  It just makes me think bollocks, I won't be making an effort on your 22nd.  Now I find my relationships with uni friends rather lacklustre and it's sad.

I recall my relationship with one particular man (though it's odd calling him that as he was a boy when I met him four years ago) that struggled ridiculously.  Now we're apart, I'm single and we speak more than ever.  When we see each other it means even more.  We're doing it not out of duty but because we care and we want to.  Some days I wonder maybe we'll ever get the chance to give it another go.  Then he tells me he's going glacier skiing for a month during his meager six week summer break.

Some things just aren't meant to work out.  Absence inevitably just leaves you pining.  I live in hope one day someone will prove worthy enough and we will close the gap.  Live within the same city.  Or even the same county.  More than anything I hope my lovely Prestonian friends will still be my friends when I next see them despite weeks/months/years of time apart.

I may be a bit shit with contact but that doesn't mean I don't just means that one particular man has meant I now have no free text messages left.  Bugger.

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