Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Selk: A Campers' Dream..

I spend the summer camping in Europe, which was hot unlike what was happening at the time in England.  Needless to say I really wouldn't have needed one of these but part of me would just LOVE one...

It completely stops the problems I have had with camping in the past where I have moved, shuffled out and got freezing cold...one of the reasons I don't like to camp, Europe was most definitely an exception and only because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity...who could say no?

The Selk sleeping bag looks a bit like a spacesuit, it must be great fun to play around in and practical too.  No more freezing cold nights shuffling out of a sleeping bag, interrupting fellow campers, attempting to find a coat and then running as fast as possible to the toilets...oh no.

It's been cleverly thought out: ties, adjustment belts, padding and layered inserts for a snug fit, warmth and comfort on hard surfaces.  The Cool Hunter have said that "even the ugliest camper can look positively cute once wrapped in the Selk'bag" and I think they might be right.  Get your ver own from £69 at the Selk'Bag website.

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