Thursday, 5 November 2009

Missing: Culture. If found please post me a ticket to its location

I am feeling rather cornered of late.  I have lost all motivation to do anything.  In fact, you're lucky I'm writing anything at the moment.  I have, thankfully, discovered what I'm missing: culture.  I need the lights, the people, the sounds and the sights in particular that come with cultured society.

Where I live people say hello to everyone they pass.  This may sound lovely but this incessant need to greet strangers becomes rather annoying when I have escaped into my music and therefore look like an ignorant arse hole.  On a good day I can be found smiling as I hurry along to work, grinning at any randomer that passes me or even looks vaguely in my direction.  The woman from the flower shop often suffers this annoying person....this city girl masquerading as a villager.

The thing is I wouldn't say I'm entirely happy with the lack of galleries and intellectual conversation.  The Simpsons every evening with my sister, who is eleven, is not stimulating my mind.  The library is bored of seeing me.  I read more books than they can get their hands on (it's pretty small) and I get annoyed with their meager opening times...needless to say I have turned to friends and family to fuel my need for literature.  However, it usually turns out to be rather unfulfilling.  Girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love, overcome obstacles and then get married.

High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby, is currently fueling my imagination...thank you to a kind friend...and is currently doing an alright job.  Laura, the ex in the story, has a beautiful name of course...this alone is a reason to love it.  It is not art though is it?

Rothko as seen in the Tate Modern
(...looking rather more purple than it should)

The first time I went to the Tate Modern I walked into their Mark Rothko room and was stunning.  The combination of his large scale paintings and lighting overcame me and I just sat and stared whilst my friend Katie mumbled "I don't like it, I don't like it."  When I went to London this February I was absolutely mortified to find their latest Mark Rothko exhibition had closed leaving me with the same work I had seen previously.  This is what I want.  Art, architecture, people, music, drama, feel absolutely lost if I miss it but to vow wholeheartedly I won't miss it again.  I want culture that will overwhelm me, and Katie...that way we can discuss it after.  I want to laugh and cry and smile and ramble incessantly about how wonderful something is.

I don't want to be pompus and try to convince people I'm cool and know more than them.  Culture is just what I need.  That and maybe some flirtation...because who doesn't like attention?  Suggestions are most welcome...for culture that is, not flirtation.  This is not that kind of site.

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