Thursday, 26 November 2009

Garance Doré: Illustrator and Blogger

Garance Doré's blog is one of my favourites.  She meets the people I want to meet, goes to all the important fashion events, swans around with 'The Sartorialist' for meet and greets with fans and lives in Paris.  She is French so I can accept that she can speak French and I can't but I would very much like to do the things she does.

Her blog is now three years old and it seems fans are happy to listen to whatever she has to say pretty much.  I agree.  She makes me laugh.  I always atempt to read what she has to say in French but always fail beyond my basic rusty GCSE knowledge and switch to English.  I love the little illustrations she throws in amongst her street style shots.

However....silly as I've been reading for months...I didn't realise that illustration was the start to it all.  I was happy to hear that as I prefer the illustrations to the photography, there's something so natural and easy to them.  I wish I could pick up a pencil and draw how she does.  I find myself stressing over what other ppl will think and believing they aren't good enough then throw them away.  Maybe I should follow Garance's lead and just go for it.  Because they are beautiful.

One female character appears again and again.  It reminds me of my friend Katie, whose own female character has a name, characteristics and a definite personality.  I wonder whether Garance's character is herself or is indeed, as Katie's, more a collection of her favourite things about people in general.  Her sisters hands, her best friends sense of humour, a celebrities hair....who knows?  All I know is that I love her.

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