Sunday, 1 November 2009

Uniqlo's new Heat Tech clothing: Not such a new concept

Techological fabrics have been around for YEARS but when I saw Uniqlo's advertisements that they had managed to use them for something fashionable. As it is they do simple tops and jumpers that are pretty standard to be honest...just your basic winter clothes.  Ok so rather than the expensive price tags you usually get in outdoor shops (where you'll find the best fabric technologically because outdoor pursuit's actually require it) prices start at just £7.99.

Part of me is screaming that it must then be rubbish!  I don't really know because I haven't actually given any of it a go.  What I do know is that the lovely jackets and trousers you see on the adverts are not Heat Tech...they're just clothes.  I think I might save £10 and just put on a proper coat.  After all, winter's all about finding the perfect winter coat.

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