Saturday, 16 January 2010

DIY Plaits...

After wearing my hair in plaits all summer in a bid to prevent the fact camping prevents the use of straighteners (and being spoken to in Dutch a lot...I am blonde.  I do look a bit like a milkmaid.  I am not Dutch.  Shocking I know!) I am glad to finally see that plaits are back.  Ok this may be a bit belated as they have been 'back' for a while but I should clarify...I am glad that DIY plaits are back.

When reading Vogue's beauty pages every on trend hairstyle 'how to' quoted something along the lines of "it should look like you've done it yourself".  This is marvellous as I DO do it myself.  My plaits are not neat, I cannot do French plaits to save my life (and therefore I am incapable of having plaits run delicately through my hair...across the front or into an up do) and therefore they continuously look a mess.  Like I've done them myself.

Grazia tells me this is all due to Alexander Wang's S/S 2010 catwalk.  Thank you Alexander Wang...with the new short layers permeating my hair I'm pleased to have an excuse when people comment (and they inevitabily do) that I have a bit of hair sticking out jussst there.  "I'm supposed to!  Alexander Wang says so."

The Wang Plait, followed by Hanne Gaby Odiele and Cheryl Cole rocking the look


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