Saturday, 30 January 2010

Jamie Bennett: Playful Illustration

When I was a child I hated taking medicine.  It always came in awful flavours, from stickly strawberry to banana....particularly banana.  I hate banana's and everything banana flavoured.  I remember once when I was very young banana medicine made me sick.  I don't remember the conditions, but from then on I refused to take it.  I would fight, kick, scream and eventually be pinned down by at least both of my parents and my Granny.  Often more people would get involved.

This image reminds me of the panic I felt everytime my mom opened that cardboard box and took out the measuring spoon...

In fact, a lot of Jamie Bennett's imagery reminds me of my childhood.  And childhood in general.  There's a playful use of colours, fonts, textures and imagery that sends me back.  I adore it.  It is this that tugs on my heart string rather than her computer illustration.

Make sure you check out Bennett's Sign Painter's Daughter folder.  It tells a sweet little story and I didn't want to post random bits out of sequence.  However, here's some more that might interest you...

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