Thursday, 28 January 2010

Eye Candy

I always thought that in serious fashion, such as Vogue, people wouldn't swoon over the male models as I did at Fashion Week this year.  Turns out I was wrong...thank you to Vogue's Twitter-er for making my drooling seem more acceptable.  In fact, a whole Vogue online article is dedicated to the lovely male models in fashion.

It seems this week is built for eye candy...especially with the return of Skins.  Not only does that mean Freddie, but it means Cook as well.  The debate about which is better seems to be at an all time personal opinion?  Freddie.  Anytime.  He may not be such a bad boy on the show (and who doesn't love a bad boy) but I'm sure Luke Pasqualino can be as naughty as the rest of them in real life.

Long live fashion.  Long live Skins.

Oh I almost forget...with nearly bang on 2 hours until Skins Series 4 begins here's a preview to whet your appetite.

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