Sunday, 17 January 2010


I love Rachael Yamagata.  She has this wonderful, husky, textured voice that sits alongside the sound of rain, the wind, trees and christ knows what else...her songs range from the hauntingly beautiful (albeit sad!) to the powerfully honest.

Happenstance was regularly on play...but when my external hard drive decided to die (for no reason at all...I was devastated!) I downloaded everything of hers that I could get my hands on.  And then uploaded them onto my iPhone and then sat back and let shuffle take its course.

Apparently I have become a total girl...when Woman played I almost burst into tears.  Girls joke, a lot, about becoming a lesbian.  As odd as this sounds it's true.  When the boy you like doesn't like you back, when your boyfriend is being an idiot and...most importantly...when you break up and lose what you think is the love of your life.  Your best friend.

This song reminds me of that terrible time.  When these things happen you give up for a time and often commit to being a lesbian (for all of five minutes) but after saying it myself in jest I didn't expect to hear it turned into such a sad song.  I immediately forced a friend to listen to it and she agreed that it was heart wrenching, remarking that her husky voice "sounds like she's just that second stopped crying."

It isn't on Happenstance or Elephants (her albums) and so I presume it's from her EP...or at least that's where it's stored in my the video I offer you is tremendously bad.  I urge you to scower the internet and download a decent copy like I did.  Oh...and I should mention it is quite possibly the ultimate break up song so if you aren't in a good place right now it may not be wise.  You'll probably end up on the floor surrounded by massess of Kleenex blubbering "Rachael's got it so right.  That's exactly how I feel!"  Don't do's not healthy.


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