Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Melk Z-Da: Rio Fashion Week A/W 2010/11

I really don't think anyone could moan about Rio Fashion Week...sun, sea, sand and high fashion.  Despite the tragic winter conditions they must have they manage to inspire the likes of us back in snowy/wet England with innovative shapes and use of texture.  Melk Z-Da's catwalk show is my favourite...spikes of fabric and dark, metallic fabrics provide a sharp contrast to the silks, feathers and playful plastics that made up his S/S 2010 collection.

His models almost look like urchins with their 'grubby' metallic faces and short messed up hair, combined with the loose over-sized styles, which sometimes give the impression the clothes weren't originally theirs.  This may sound terrible but believe me it isn't.  Exposed zips, flashes of neon, high volume ruffles and strongly sturctured 'cages' adorn form fitting dresses giving the feminine styles we saw in S/S a harder edge.  Despite the fact I'm not sure some of it would hold any ground off the catwalk (though I'm sure it will adapt itself onto the highstreet) and that some of the more dramatic aspects are things I've seen on our costumes at Design by Janine, I love it.

See for yourself at Brazilian Elle or here...

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