Saturday, 30 January 2010

Couture Fashion Week: Fashion drama at it's best...

There's nothing better than couture to get a person excited about fashion.  Couture is not really high street, it isn't basic/toned down/simple and chic it is dramatic, exciting and ultra impractical a lot of the time.  I have had a love affair with couture since Dior's 2006 fairytale catwalk and they have remained a firm favourite of mine ever since.

This year I have taken in as much as I can of Couture Fashion of course, sadly I am not important enough to gain an invitation, one day though (a girl can dream)...and decided to do a round up of my favourites.
Chanel, Armani Prive, Gaultier, Givenchy and Dior

From feminine fantasies at Givenchy, all ruffles and feathers, to Amazonian creations as John Paul Gaultier takes inspiration from historical world favourites (think 'pirate' hats and structured cage dresses).  There's such a strong contrast of androgynism (tux's and long length gloves) and feminity (Chanel's 'doll' look) it's hard to not want to try out both.  If you're not Lady Gaga it's unlikely you'll be sporting anything like this come Autumn, but I am fully expecting rails full of silver, the return of the tux, more feathers (yay) and hundreds of riding boots.

Once again Dior has completely stolen my heart.  Top hats, billowing dresses, cerise riding blazers contrasting with metallic skirts....I'm in love.  Just pass me a riding crop.

If I get married (and somehow become amazingly rich) I'll be wearing Dior couture.

My favourite shots from Dior's couture catwalk...

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