Friday, 22 January 2010

Fundraising Frenzy

I'm not sure what it is...there must be something in the water...but lots of people I know are fundraising.  My purse will be incredibly sparse if I keep saying things like: Here's ten pounds.  Ohhh and the ten pounds I found on the floor.  It's Christmas seems wrong to keep it myself."

Just between one of my closest friends Philippa (raising money for Help for Heroes) keeping quiet for the whole of Christmas Eve, including a lot of alocohol fuelled antics, and my lovely mother shaving off her head (for Cauldwell Children's Charity) over £1000 has been donated to charities within three weeks.

Walks for Leukaemia Research, dieting for Help for Heroes (pennies for pounds....quiet apt considering my recent diet post) and bike rides for...well I don't know who my stepdad plans to ride for.  All I know is he's planning to cycle the 60 miles from Liverpool to Stone (the bridge between the two offices his company inhabits) to raise money for the charity of his choice.  I better stick my hand in my pockets within the next six months eh...

For now I still have a firm smile...I am very proud of my mother.  Some may say she's brave, some may say she's stupid, I just think she's done a bloody good job raising all that money.  There's still time to donate at Just Giving if you think she's done as well as I do.

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