Sunday, 3 January 2010

What I do remember.

I don't know what it is about graduating but I drink more now than I did whilst at university.  Well no, the thing is I drink less frequently but more when I finally get to it.  I'm sure you know where this is leading to...New Years Eve.

I frequented Bourbon in Leeds, had a lovely time....until it hit midnight and it all went wrong.  I don't remember much.  Apparently we went to another bar when Bourbon closed at two...a "Spanish gay bar", though I'm not sure about that...though I don't remember this at all.  Black holes due to alcohol are bad.  Very bad.

What I do remember:
1. I decided it was fine to go to the boys toilets as the girls had a queue and a very tiny black man told me off.  My defense: "Well you let me in." he didn't, I just walked in.
2. I tried to get someone to pretend to be my boyfriend to make the ugly people chatting me up go away....but he was too drunk to understand me for about 15 minutes and so my plot was foiled.  They went away though.
3. We bumped into an old friend, I got very excited, rambled about her ex-boyfriend (she is not engaged, oh gosh) and introduced her to everyone else five million times
4. We walked home.  My C's arm tossed over my shoulders.  I stumbled up the hill to his flat, fell in, landed on his bed and pretty much passed out.
5. The HIDEOUS hangover that came at 3pm New Years Day....I got away with the morning because I was still drunk.

This isn't me though.  I'm not the girl that strolls into mens toilets and then shouts at tiny black men.  I'm the girl that queues for ages, lets other people that need it more go first and apologise profusely if I feel I have held anybody up.  I'm too old for this drinking milarky, it's clearly bad for me, it makes me lose all sophistication.  Time to be mature and get a proper job maybe?  Definitely.  I'd make it my resolution for 2010 but nobody keeps those!

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