Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Baby Talk

In complete contrast to the mass of commitment phobes are those that are becoming all serious.  You know the ones...21 with kids, slightly lack lustre engagement rings, houses and plans to settle down.  In fact one friend has it all planned out, right down to whe she'll actually get pregnant to maximise time out of work.  She's a teacher you see...plan it right and she can not only have her year but then the summer off as well.  Marvellous.  Apparently.

Needless to say, with my mind firmly set in my career and the thought of moving on rather than maintaining a relationship I've been pleasantly surprised at my reaction to new mothers.  (I must state that despite this I am currently watching One Born Every Minute on Channel 4 and cementing my desire to not have a baby.  Especially not any time soon.)

One of my most wonderful, independent friends and my more immature sisterly cousin have had children.  Within three weeks of each other.  Turns out I can listen to them talk about babies, sick, nappies, oz's of milk, transportation issues, lack of sleep and even post natal depression with vigour.  It seems not only does it take my mind off my own issues but it makes me smile to see these lovely women bloom with happiness as the motherhood makes them all mature and smiley.  Despite going against the grain re:settling down with their partners it's wonderful.  Turns out babies can be wonderful creatures after all (until they're sick on my new top and coat though...lovely dry cleaning bill coming my way)  and some young moms are pretty fantastic.

I was right on the body front though.  Sagging stomachs that won't go away do not increase confidence.  Luckily though there are some fantastic maternity clothes that can be worn for yonks after the baby's born.  Even Topshop are on the wandwagon (they have been for ages but it's surprising when you see it's not tat) producing not only clothes for mom but baby too.  In fact I'm sat in a cheap and cheerful maternity dress now, belted tightly at the waist.  I just thought it was supposed to be oversized...no clue it was maternity.

Oh and I'm going to be a god mother for the fourth time.  Turns out they see something in me too.  Who knew?  Maybe it's my ability to buy fantastic gifts and nothing to do with maternal instinct.

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