Thursday, 11 March 2010

LSD Wonderland

So...for my birthday (as we went out on the weekend) I journeyed to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland.  There is no mistaking that this was a Tim Burton film.  If not because of the Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp aspect because of the way everything seemed to work, like some mad journey.  For this reason I can't think of anyone better to direct it.

I refused to go with expectations, I knew it'd ruin it.  Sat there, definitely not being cool in my 3D glasses, I gaped at the screen, grinned at Johnny Depp and rubbed my temples when things got too much.  Johnny Depp was my only expectation, I expected him to be amazing.  I love him, so in one way he the other his accent flitted from Willy Wonka to Jack Sparrow to a bad Scottish accent and back again.  I live in the UK...I know what Scottish should sound like and that is not it.  I'm not sure whether this should be a negative, he was playing the Mad Hatter so really flitting around like a mad man with split personalities surely is right?  Really to assess his talent I'd have to know if it was intentional.

My favourite characters were the Bristish ones.  This probably makes me biased but I don't care.  Matt Lucas played the Tweedle Twins amazingly, Steven Fry was a wonderful Cheshire Cat and Alan Rickman made the perfect stoned caterpillar.

The best thing about the movie was the costumes...and the make up...

My friends review was the best.  Blinking into the corridor all he could think to say was "I feel like I've been on LSD for an hour."

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