Saturday, 20 March 2010

Chris Ofili: I shit you not...

Chris Ofili's Nigerian inspired artwork is being exhibited at Tate Britain between 27 January and 16 May 2010.  Having seen some of his work at Tate Modern years ago I have always remembered the presence of elephant dung.  Glittery elephant dung in some cases.

The Tate website says it a bit better:
"Ofili has built an international reputation with his works that bridge the sacred and the profane, popular culture and beliefs. His exuberant paintings are renowned for their rich layering and inventive use of media, including balls of elephant dung that punctuate the canvas and support them at their base, as well as glitter, resin, map pins and magazine cut-outs."

And to be fair, it is pretty good.  If it wasn't I wouldn't remember seeing it 5 years ago would I?  The Tate however have taken it one step further, commisioning a London artist who goes by "INSA" to respond to Ofili's work.  Here's the result:

Yes shoes with platforms of elephant poo then.  I shit you not.  (Sorry I couldn't help myself!)  This is one eco-friendly material I didn't think I'd see within fashion.  See the full range of images at Ecotuerre.  Doubt I'll forget these in a hurry either.

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