Thursday, 11 March 2010

"Hurrah! Scientific evidence that men prefer curves."

"Hurrah! Scientific evidence that men prefer curves."  Grazia are shouting it to the rafters but I can't quite stop my cynicism.  Whilst they're right about wide hips being linked to good health and good child bearing this surely doesn't translate to a size 20 woman whose waist has been lost to cupcakes.

I must state (before someone reads this and shouts at me) that I am a healthy size, I don't have problems with my weight and I don't judge those that are bigger than me.  However, whilst I have been blessed with a a fairly shapely houseglass I'm not pretty sure that indulging in donuts will create child bearing hips, it will more just create muffin top.

Don't diet, don't gorge, just be yourself and make sure you dress properly for your size.  Surely that's more important than what any man thinks?  Therefore, whilst cinching in my waist with a belt and allowing a loser dress to cover my currently bloated stomach I indulge in a lemon cupcake (my favourite) complete with butter icing, lemon curd and white chocolate curls.

So, in the spirit of the Oscars, here are some beautiful celebrities enhancing their curves in stunning dresses...

Kate Winslet, Selma Hayek, Helen Mirren and Vera Farmiga

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