Friday, 19 March 2010

Love, Ire and Song

"You've got to laugh really, just because he's a man."

When this statement came out at work today I did laugh.  I couldn't help it.  My theory that things get easier when you're older well and truely put to shit by a woman who has recently turned forty.  All this just because my managers husband was sending some hilarious texts, all because he was either pissed/didn't have his glasses/both whilst at the "cub"...being the club/pub, nobody knows.  "It's alright," says my manager, "I'll just drive around the village until I find him."

I wonder if they find us so amusing, mocking us amongst friends/collegues because we've done something funny...funny just because we're female.

I have a friend that is pretty amazing.  I recieve wonderful emails on a daily basis that recieve nothing but a song.  Yes I've mentioned it before, it's a wonderful idea...after all, I started it.  I submerse myself in these songs and hope to learn something new about him from it.

Then I got this...

...and I bloody loved it.  Political humour in a song.  Genius.  I'm guessing I only recieved this because he found it amusing.  That alone.  I learnt nothing new.  Just that he has good music.

Song title is pretty apt though because that's what I look for in his emails: Love, Ire and Song.  I know he'll probably think I'm a complete freak when he reads this and discovers that not only do I listen to the songs over and over but I write about them here all the time.  Then he'll say "You've got to laugh really, just because she's a woman."

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