Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Let's Talk about Sex

So whilst listening to Radio One today at work I hear that apparently teenagers 'want to talk about sex more with parents'.  Personally, and extended to most of the people I work with, that's not so.  In fact, my awfully polite friend said: "Well that's just not right though is it.  It's just bull shit really."  It sounds like Newsbeat have been conned by the government.

According to the article 40% of teenagers would have waited longer before losing their virginity if their parents had spoke to them more about sex and the emotional effects rather than just contraception and STI's.

Well...my mom was sometimes embarrassingly open with me.  But I love her for it and we talk all the time about things still.  I think she's the only one in my family that I'm truely honest with about stuff, so in a way it must have worked.  However, I think your friends have more to do with sex at a younger age.  It's that peer pressure 'everyone is doing it' thing.  I didn't succumb.  Some did.

So...environment, friends, parents or school?  Who should be drumming the sex talk with kids?  Or is this all a big cop out placing the blame on parents when essentially it's always going to be an individuals choice when to have sex?

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