Thursday, 4 March 2010

Let football be about football

I don't like football, I don't know who's who, who they play for or even where teams are located if it isn't clearly stated.  That's why it was such an unlikely event for me to argue in favour of football as a sport against my best friend, with whom I rarely argue or even differ in opinion a lot of the time.  However, with the whole Egypt v England thing I got very annoyed that all the media seemed to be focusing on was the love lives of the players and not their actual football skills.

The fact my friend showed true concern for Cheryl Cole and actually stated that she feels "like Cheryl Cole is a personal friend".  Nations sweetheart she may be...please don't be offended that her husband was a tosser.  If he's good (which in all honesty I don't even know if he is) let him get on with his job eh?

I don't care whether you're John Terry, Wayne Bridge or even Ashley Cole.  Can you kick a ball?  Does your team have a better chance of winning if you're there?  Good for you, off you go then.  You do that.  I don't really mind what happens in your not so private life.  I even promise not to boo at you for sleeping with someone you shouldn't. (Please Mr Radio 1 man don't try to make whether or not John Terry will get booed at a news story.)

As hot as Cheryl Cole may be it's possible she wasn't all sweetness and light.  How ironic this song is though...lost your parachute Cheryl?


  1. But you have to feel sorry for someone who thought they had trust in someone and they cheated on you. It must be harsh, and I would never be able to trust a team mate that cheated on his wife and to make it worse it was with your partner! The silly amount of money that is spent on football is absolutly redicuious the players that are the national team need to be better that good 'at kicking a ball' they need to be perfect!

  2. Ok so I was possibily, maybe, definitely being snide what I wrote this. Whilst I'm completely against cheating I think it's silly that most England fans booing John Terry had forgot by the end of the England v Egypt match and would be bowing at his feet if he scored the winning goal at an England v Whoever World Cup Final.

    So John Terry and Ashley Cole are idiots. Terry primarily for potentially screwing up the England team. However, are England really suffering now? And can anyone be perfect?