Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Defrosting of Charlotte Small

I finished a book the other day.  I know, shock horror right?  It's not like it's breaking I devour books like chocolate.  Though chocolate actually hurts my teeth lately, I'm pretty sure I'm grinding them in my sleep.  Anyway, I'll get back on track, I've just finished a book called "The Defrosting of Charlotte Small" by Annabel Giles.

The sleeve says it all: "After flattening a friend's dog, carelessly losing not one job but three, and waving her daughter off to spend Christmas overseas, Charlotte hits the wall...Consequently, having thrown the entire contents of her house on to the street, she's found by the police lying on her back under a Christmas tree with an empty bottle of Port and a half-eaten lump of Stilton."  Not a good Christmas really.  She goes on to claw her way back, to allow herself to feel more and get her life back in gear.  And she goes on a mission to find love.

With each chapter is a quote and some of them are wonderfully apt.  One of the things that made Charlotte understand herself a little more was writing down what she found fun.  She made a list.  So I'm making a list.

Things I like to do for fun:
...writing rambling blog posts that people probably never get to the end of
...rating things on a scale of one to ten
...exaggerating i.e. loving or hating not liking/disliking
...dancing when I'm drunk and/or in my bedroom where nobody can see me
...eating cake in particular
...singing badly to music
...going to the theatre
...going to gigs
...travelling (anywhere from Chester to Cape Coast)
...writing letters
...recieving letters
...trend (in all forms of design)
...sleeping (to sleep, perchance to dream)

After doing this she fixes her career, begins to love herself, mends broken bridges and lives happily ever after...I hope.  Here's to a fresh start.  In 4 days I'll be 22.  Old right?  Everyone has their own personal journey.  Mine won't involve googling love.  Sorry Charlotte Small but I doubt anyone can tell you what that truely is.  That's why the answer to "how do you know you're in love?" is always "you just know!"

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