Sunday, 25 October 2009

Anna Rusakova: My Moleskine

I discovered Ukranian illustrator Anna Rusakova on Behance and just fell in love with her sketchbook imagery.  Her portfolio of illustrations is brilliant but it was her "my moleskine" section that appealed to me most.  I loved seeing where and what had inspired her....from pressed flowers to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.  It's like seeing into someones creative soul.

It is what I always say I will do but don't.  Gadgets now lead what I laptop and my iPhone would give you all the information you need about me...but there is something so distanced about that.  I long for the days that I would pick up a pencil and sit and draw...maybe if I'd carried on my illustrations would be better.

Rusakova's cute and quirky illustrations tap into everything from family trees to "small objects" where origami swans are contrasting with delicate sketchs of guns...

Here are some of her sketchbook images.  Be inspired...

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