Monday, 26 October 2009

I'm employed...wooo hooo

This is obviously a regular topic of mine but it is one that currently seems to baffle everyone.  A friend of mine wrote as her Facebook status the other day: "I'm employed!!! Wooo hooo!! :)"  Everyone that read this was of course over the moon and asked what job in the police she had this was her aim.  Rather than replying that she had got Christmas work in a department store she merely said she had only got a temporary post and was still pursuing the police full time.

Now, she should not be ashamed of something she was so excited about.  Indeed, at the moment having any kind of job is marvellous.  People don't seem to understand that though.  Graduates feel they have almost failed, despite not actually standing a chance, whilst non-graduates feel sympathy for those poor 'young ones' wasting the talents that have got them into so much debt.

I can't lie, sometimes I wonder why I am not doing what I dreamt of.  Or in fact why what I dreamt of doesn't necesarily seem like the right thing for me any more.  When in the midst of those dark moments I have a little moto "at least I'm employed".  Doesn't sound like much but hundreds of gradutes have gone back to bar jobs, work in Topshop/River Island/Debenhams or do as I have and relish an opportunity thrown out by family/friends/acquaintances.  After all, it's better than nothing.

I do have something to dream about though...I am going to meet Peter Ruis from John Lewis and Fred Uribe-Mosquera from Burberry next month.  God bless Graduate Fashion Week.  After all, blogs don't pay the rent...not even Sophie Power's amazing Trendspiration.  She was invited to London Fashion Week as a guest of Canon and could only make one day as she had to work...typical!

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